Based on green hydrogen the new drive technology opens the door to a new way of dealing with natural resources and representing the future of a environmentally clean transportation


As a team of passionate engineers and former athletes we are inspired to continuously improve performance as well as handling of electric bicycles and at the same time supporting a better environment for a greener future.

Using green hydrogen, fuel cells have neither local nor global emissions. The only byproducts of the energy transformation are heat and pure water.

Fuel cells are powered by hydrogen, which is one of the most common elements in the earth´s crust. It can be produced by various methods. One of which is using renewable energy to split up water in hydrogen and oxygen. This so called green hydrogen is completely carbon neutral.

Considering the high weight of batteries, they appear to be unfit for e-bikes and e-cargo-bikes. Fuel cells offer a better alternative for supplying energy, as they are much lighter and have a higher energy density.

Hydrogen tanks can be refilled within minutes. Compared to the long charging time of lithium-ion batteries this is a huge advantage, which especially commercially used cargo-bikes could benefit from.